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Dr. Natalie Theeuwes

Visiting Research Fellow

Centaur Publications

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Tsiringakis, Aristofanis, Theeuwes, Natalie E. ORCID logoORCID:, Barlow, Janet F. and Steeneveld, Gert-Jan (2022) Interactions between the nocturnal low-level jets and the urban boundary layer: a case study over London. Boundary-Layer Meteorology. ISSN 0006-8314 doi:

Theeuwes, Natalie E., Boutle, Ian A., Clark, Peter A. ORCID logoORCID: and Grimmond, Sue ORCID logoORCID: (2022) Understanding London's summertime cloud cover. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 148 (742). pp. 454-465. ISSN 1477-870X doi:


Tang, Yihao, Sun, Ting ORCID logoORCID:, Luo, Zhiwen ORCID logoORCID:, Omidvar, Hamidreza, Theeuwes, Natalie, Xie, Xiaoxiong, Xiong, Jie, Yao, Runming and Grimmond, Sue ORCID logoORCID: (2021) Urban meteorological forcing data for building energy simulation. Building and Environment, 204. 108088. ISSN 0360-1323 doi:


Theeuwes, Natalie E., Ronda, R. J., Harman, I. N., Christen, A. and Grimmond, C. Sue B. (2019) Parametrizing horizontally-averaged wind and temperature profiles in the urban roughness sublayer. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 173 (3). pp. 321-348. ISSN 0006-8314 doi:

Theeuwes, Natalie E., Barlow, Janet F., Teuling, Adriaan J., Grimmond, C. Sue B. and Kotthaus, Simone (2019) Persistent cloud cover over mega-cities linked to surface heat release. npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, 2. 15. ISSN 2397-3722 doi:

Dirksen, M., Ronda, R. J., Theeuwes, N. E. and Pagani, G. A. (2019) Sky view factor calculations and its application in urban heat island studies. Urban Climate, 30. 100498. ISSN 2212-0955 doi:


Ching, J., Mills, G., Bechtel, B., See, L, Feddema, J., Wang, X., Ren, C., Brousse, O., Martilli, A., Neophytou, M., Mouzourides, P., Stewart, I., Hanna, A., Ng, E., Foley, M., Alexander, P., Aliaga, D., Niyogi, D., Shreevastava, A., Bhalachandran, P., Masson, V., Hidalgo, J., Fung, J., Andrade, M., Baklanov, A., Dai, W., Milcinski, G., Demuzere, M., Brunsell, N., Pesaresi, M, Miao, S., Mu, Q., Chen, F. and Theeuwes, Natalie (2018) WUDAPT: an urban weather, climate and environmental modeling infrastructure for the Anthropocene. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 99 (9). pp. 1907-1924. ISSN 1520-0477 doi:

Lindberg, Fredrik, Grimmond, C. Sue B., Gabey, Andrew, Huang, Bei, Kent, Christoph, Sun, Ting, Theeuwes, Natalie, Järvi, Leena, Ward, Helen, Capel-Timms, Izzy, Chang, Yuanyong, Jonsson, Per, Krave, Niklas, Liu, Dongwei, Meyer, D, Olofson, K. Frans G., Tan, Jianguo, Wästberg, Dag, Xue, Lingbo and Zhang, Zhe (2018) Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor (UMEP): an integrated tool for city-based climate services. Environmental Modelling and Software, 99. pp. 70-87. ISSN 1364-8152 doi:

van Haren, Ronald, Koopmans, Sytse, Steeneveld, Gert-Jan, Theeuwes, Natalie, Uijlenhoet, Remko and Holtslag, Albert A. M. (2018) Weather reanalysis on an urban scale using WRF. In: 2018 IEEE 14th International Conference on eScience, 29 Oct - 01 Nov 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands, pp. 279-280.


Barlow, Janet, Best, Martin, Bohnenstengel, Sylvia I., Clark, Peter, Grimmond, Sue, Lean, Humphrey, Christen, Andreas, Emeis, Stefan, Haeffelin, Martial, Harman, Ian N., Lemonsu, Aude, Martilli, Alberto, Pardyjak, Eric, Rotach, Mathias W., Ballard, Susan, Boutle, Ian, Brown, Andy, Cai, Xiaoming, Carpentieri, Matteo, Coceal, Omduth, Crawford, Ben, Di Sabatino, Silvana, Dou, Junxia, Drew, Daniel R., Edwards, John M., Fallmann, Joachim, Fortuniak, Krzysztof, Gornall, Jemma, Gronemeier, Tobias, Halios, Christos, Hertwig, Denise, Hirano, Kohin, Holtslag, Albert A.M., Luo, Zhiwen, Mills, Gerald, Nakayoshi, Makoto, Pain, Kathy, Schlünzen, K Heinke, Smith, Stefan, Soulhac, Lionel, Steeneveld, Gert-Jan, Sun, Ting, Theeuwes, Natalie, Thomson, David, Voogt, James A., Ward, Helen C, Xie, Zheng-Tong and Zhong, Jian (2017) Developing a research strategy to better understand, observe, and simulate urban atmospheric processes at kilometer to subkilometer scales. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 98 (10). ES261-ES264. ISSN 1520-0477 doi:

Theeuwes, Natalie E., Steeneveld, Gert-Jan, Ronda, Reinder J. and Holtslag, Albert A. M. (2017) A diagnostic equation for the daily maximum urban heat island effect for cities in northwestern Europe. International Journal of Climatology, 37 (1). pp. 443-454. ISSN 0899-8418 doi:


Koopmans, S., Theeuwes, N. E., Steeneveld, G. J. and Holtslag, A. A. M. (2015) Modelling the influence of urbanization on the 20th century temperature record of weather station De Bilt (The Netherlands). International Journal of Climatology, 35 (8). pp. 1732-1748. ISSN 0899-8418 doi:

Theeuwes, Natalie E., Steeneveld, Gert-Jan, Ronda, Reinder J., Rotach, Mathias W. and Holtslag, Albert A. M. (2015) Cool city mornings by urban heat. Environmental Research Letters, 10 (11). 114022. ISSN 1748-9326 doi:


Theeuwes, N. E., Steeneveld, G. J., Ronda, R. J., Heusinkveld, B. G., van Hove, L. W. A. and Holtslag, A. A. M. (2014) Seasonal dependence of the urban heat island on the street canyon aspect ratio. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 140 (684). pp. 2197-2210. ISSN 1477-870X doi:

Steeneveld, G. J., Koopmans, S., Heusinkveld, B.G. and Theeuwes, N. E. (2014) Refreshing the role of open water surfaces on mitigating the maximum urban heat island effect. Landscape and Urban Planning, 121. 92 - 96. ISSN 0169-2046 doi:


Theeuwes, N. E., Solcerová, A. and Steeneveld, G. J. (2013) Modeling the influence of open water surfaces on the summertime temperature and thermal comfort in the city. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 118 (16). pp. 8881-8896. ISSN 2169-8996 doi:

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