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Department of Meteorology – University of Reading

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Professor Rosalind Cornforth

Walker Institute - Professor

  • AfClix (Africa Climate Exchange) portal

  • My research
  • TAMSAT group
  • Responsibilities:

    • Director of AfClix (Africa Climate Exchange)
    • Senior Research Scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (Climate Directorate) and the Department of Meteorology
    • Ambassador, TAMSAT

    Research Interests:

    • Improving understanding of the fundamental dynamics of African weather systems and downstream tropical cyclogenesis
    • Developing user-centred integrated climate early warning systems, based on the Rainwatch AfClix monitoring/prediction platform.
    • African rainfall variability and predictability of extreme precipitation events
    • Knowledge Exchange and experiential learning for managing climate resilience
    • Governance and decision-making for climate change adaptation

    Research Projects:

    • AfClix - Africa Climate Exchange - Bridging climate science and policy for improving food security in Sub-Saharan Africa - NERC funding: Dec 2011-Dec 2014 (AfClix)

    • AfClix Early Warning System for Sudan - Collaborative Pilot Project with Rainwatch (CIMMS), AfClix, Sudan Meteorological Authority (SMA), Practical Action, UNEP, DfID, TAMSAT, NCAS-Climate, Walker Institute for Climate System Research and Sudanese institutes and Community-based organizations (December 2011 – December 2014) (SCEWAS)

    • AfClix Rainwatch Drought Early Warning Systems Development of integrated Early Warning Sytems. Platform is currently operational across the African Sahel in Senegal, Mali and Niger, with planned integrated extensions in 2014 to Burkina Faso,Sudan and Ethiopia

    • Building understanding of climate variability into planning of groundwater supplies from low storage aquifers in Africa - DfID-NERC UpGRO Catapult Funding: July 2013-June 2014 (BRAVE)

    • Attributing impacts of external climate drivers on extreme weather events in Africa - NERC Standard Grant: July 2013-June 2016 (ACE-Africa)

    • Fundamental influences of large-scale wave dynamics on tropical weather systems - NERC Standard Grant: Oct 2011-Sept 2015 (TROPWAVE)

    • User-oriented agricultural drought decision-support insurance tool - Short NERC Scoping Project: June-Sept 2013 (uADDIT)

    • TAMSAT Business Interaction Fund - NERC Business Interaction Fund. March-September 2013 TAMSAT BIF

    Postdoctoral & graduate student supervision

    Rosalind is keen to discuss proposals for postgraduate research in the study of the following topics:

    • Drivers of current and future extreme weather events in Africa
    • Sub-seasonal, seasonal and decadel variability and prediction in Africa
    • Integrated Early Warning Systems
    • Good practice approaches to adapt and build resilience
    • Economics of climate adaptation

  • Current supervision:
    • Hannah Parker Hannah is a first year PhD student co-supervised by Dr Ros Cornforth and Prof Emily Boyd. She is studying the interpretation and use of attribution information from a Social Science perspective. Completes 2017
    • Simon Rowell is a second year NERC Industry CASE student with Hiscox Catastrophe Modeling Company, examining the role of AEW variability and the large-scale environment on the genesis of Atlantic Hurricanes. Simon is co-supervised by Dr Kevin Hodges and Dr Ros Cornforth from UoR, and Dr RIchard Dixon and Dr Matt Swann from Hiscox Catastrophe Modelling Company. Completes 2014

    MSc Dissertations

    • Tsz-Kin Lai (2013). Emergence of Tropical Cyclones in Baroclinic Waves
    • Zablon Shilenje (2013). Managing for uncertain climate risk: Early Warning and climate communication in the context of Sudan
    • Ffion Watson (2013). Lessons of early warning in Africa
    • Shani Haruna (2013). Integrating existing knowledge in the university sector to more effectively engage with climate change: A case study of the University of Reading
    • Richa Gurung (2013). Understanding social barriers and limits to climate change Adaptation in Nepal
    • Ruari Rhodes (2012). Changes in the long term variability of the rains of Sudan
    • Sarah Hartley (2012). Trends in Indian monsoon rainfall in recent decades
    • Elizabeth Good (2011). Role of air-sea fluxes and teleconnections in the evolution of Tropical Atlantic sea surface temperature errors
    • Simon Rowell (2010). Downstream Transformation of African Easterly Waves: Criteria for Development
    • Edgar Méndez García (2009). Medium and extended-range forecasting in West Africa

    Relevant Scientific Positions of Trust:

    Centaur Publications

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