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Department of Meteorology – University of Reading

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Professor Tristan Quaife

Professor of Earth System Science


Departmental Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
School Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Research Interests:

  • Modelling of the terrestrial carbon cycle - focusing on the response of vegetation to climate change
  • Radiative transfer in vegetation - including applications to optical remote sensing and retrieval of biophysical parameters
  • Data Assimilation for land surface and ecosystem models

Research Projects

Active Research Projects:

  • I am a Principal Investigator on the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO). The focus of my work within NCEO is using satellite observations to test and constrain models of the land surface.
  • Through NCEO I am part of the UK Earth System Model (UKESM) Long Term Science Multi-Centre project.
  • I co-lead the TAMSAT group. TAMSAT is the University's operational rainfall product for Africa.
  • I am contributing to the European Space Agency Climate Explorer Digital Twin Earth Precursor project.
  • In the European Space Agency Land Carbon Constellation I am developing SIF models to act as observation operators.
  • I lead the Newton CSSP-Brazil ACCLIMATE-FD project examining the imacpt of fires and droughts on the Amazon.
  • The BBSRC funded GoatSat project, led by Queen's University Belfast, is helping to provide information on livestock parasite transmission in Africa.
Recently Completed Research Projects:

  • ERADACS: a NERC GCRF funded project, which finished in 2018, looking at enhancing resilience to drought in Africa.
  • MELODIES: a completed FP7 project to develop innovative and sustainable services, based upon Open Data, for users in research, government, industry and the general public in a broad range of societal and environmental benefit areas. The code we developed under this project is available here.
  • PASQUAL: an Innovate UK funded project looking at the use of satellite observations to assess pasture quality.
  • CALIBRE: a NERC funded project looking at the potential of agro-forestry to sequester green house gasses.
  • The Sentinel Synergy Study (S3) is funded by the European Space Agency and is looking at developing synergistic joint retrievals from the Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 missions.
  • PalEON: a long running NSF project, in which I am part of the modelling team.

Postdoctoral & graduate student supervision

Post Doctoral staff:

  • Ewan Pinnington works on the NCEO International Science Programme and the ESA DTEP project. He previously worked on the ERADACS project.
  • Ranjini Swaminathan works on the UKESM-LTSM developing new evaluation tools for Earth System Models.
  • Azin Wright is working on the Thames Valley woodland project, including looking after the flux tower.
  • Elina Plesca leads research on the CSSP Brazil ACCLIMATE-FD project.
Current PhD students:

  • Linda Toca is working on SAR analysis of peatland health in collaboration with the James Hutton Institute.
  • Helen Johnson is based at the Met Office and is doing a part time PhD on the effect of black carbon deposition on snow with a specific focus on weather forecasts.
Completed PhD students:

  • Amsalework Ejigu worked on data assimilation in JULES using ensemble Data Assimilation techniques.
  • Victoria Boult is used Idividual Based Models and satellite data to look at the behaviour of African elephants. Lead supervisor: Prof Richard Sibly, Biology.
  • Kirsten Lees researched the productivity of peatlands and how this might be observed with satellite data. Lead supervisor: Associate Prof Jo Clark, Geography.
  • Ewan Pinnington worked with Forest Research to understand the information content in diverse observations of forest carbon stocks. The specific aim is to better define observation errors for the data assimilation problem. This was a NERC OPEN CASE award.
  • Renato Braghiere developed new representations of 3D structure for simple radiative transfer models.
  • Jennifer Price,funded by the National Centre for Earth Observation, graduated in 2015. Her thesis "Assessing the Definition of Plant Functional Types in a Dynamic Global Vegetation Model Using Earth Observation Data" uses remote sensing data to test and constrain a dynamic global vegetation model (SDGVM).

Other interests

  • I am on the steering committee of the AIMES Land Data Assimilation Working Group.
  • I am on the Science Committee and JLMP Management Board of the JULES land surface model.
  • Various software packages are available on GitHub. This includes extensive two-stream vegetation canopy and leaf geometry Python modules.
  • I actively maintain my own version of the GORT model.
  • Code for my 2016 paper on Bayesian uncertainty in land cover data is available here. The paper is open access (see also publications list).

Centaur Publications

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