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Department of Meteorology – University of Reading

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Dr. Xiangbo Feng

Senior Research Scientist (NCAS)

 I am a senior research scientist at NCAS-Climate (Reading). I research towards better understanding and predictions of tropical cyclones and associated extremes on different time scales. I collaborate with the UK Met Office, WMO, China and Southeast Asia partners to evaluate dynamical models, and design tailored statistical models if necessary, for tropical cyclone hazards for operational purposes. I am also interested in the underpinning physical processes in tropical cyclones (e.g., precursors, genesis and intensification) and associted extremes. I also have research experience in sea level extremes (storm surge and ocean waves) and data assimilation. 


Currently, I mainly work on the following research projects:

  • FORSEA-FO-CO: FORecasting for SouthEast Asia follow on continuation (Co-I, Newton Fund WCSSP-Souteast Asia)
  • WESTPAC: Waves and ENSO: Seasonal Teleconnections to Predict the Activity of Cyclones (PI, Newton Fund WCSSP-Souteast Asia)
  • WWRP Probabilistic Tropical Cyclone Forecast Products Project (Co-I, WMO, in support of the TCPFP project)
  • Climate risk in the Southeast and East Asia (Singapore Green Finance Centre, work with Prof Ralf Toumi at Imperial College London)
  • HURACAN: HUrricane Risk Amplification and Changing North Atlantic Natural disasters (Co-I, NSF-NERC Large Grant project, led by Prof Pier Luigi Vidale)
  • Pilot projects: "Climate Impacts on the Extreme Marine Environments over the China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road", and "Global changes in oceanic extremes caused by tropical cyclones" (PI, funded by Hohai University, China)


Past research projects (as PDRA/researcher):

  • CASPER: Coupled Air-Sea Prediction of Extreme Rainfall (Newton Fund WCSSP-India)
  • FASCINATE: Forecasting Air-Sea Coupled Interactions in NWP for Atmospheric Tropical Extremes (Newton Fund WCSSP-Souteast Asia)
  • PERCHANCE: Process Evaluation of Regional Chinese Hydrological and Atmospheric Natural Climate Extremes (Newton Fund CSSP-China)
  • ERA-CLIM2 project: European Reanalysis of the Global Climate System-2 (focus on atmosphere-ocean coupled climate reanalysis CERA-20C/SAT, EU-FP7)
  • LRF Marine Extremes: LRF Global Network to Improve Prediction of Extreme Marine Events (focus on sea level extremes, Lloyd's Register Foundation)


PhD student supervision

  • Bernard (BA) Racoma, PhD on interactions between tropical tyclones and the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in Luzon, Philippines, co-supervised with Chris Holloway and Reinhard Schiemann, Unversity of Reading.
  • Yichen Tan, PhD on Long-term variability and predictions of regional sea level extremes from global perspectives, co-supervised with Prof Wei Zhang, Hohai University, China.

Centaur Publications

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