Scientific Programme

Plenary Speakers 

Prof Alan Hastings

Prof Mark Pagel

Dr Silvia De Monte

Prof Priyanga Amarasekare

Prof Julia Blanchard


List of Mini-Symposia

1. Eco-evolutionary responses to environmental change

2. Dynamics and structure of large ecological networks

3. Random matrix theory and the dynamics and coevolution of microbiomes

4. Evolution along metabolic pathways

5. The role of competition in shaping ecological networks

6. Phylogenetic simulation and inference models uncover deep-time dynamics in island biogeography

7. Mathematical Models of Reproductive Dormancy

8. Cancer vs microbial community modelling: divides and bridges

9. Evolutionary Dynamics in the Soma

10. Social evolution under uncertainty

11a. Vegetation modelling: Nonlinear PDE approach

11b. Vegetation modelling: Optimality approach

12a. Applications of Evolutionary Game Theory: Critical transitions

12b. Applications of Evolutionary Game Theory: Cancer treatment

12c. Applications of Evolutionary Game Theory: Structured populations