Museological Research

Seongmee Yoon is creating an interpretative framework for Lowbury Hill as her PhD project. How can we convey the forgotten history of a female buried in a wall on Lowbury Hill effectively to the public? How might museums successfully collaborate with communities through the stories of artefacts? And what essential part do exhibitions play? As archaeological discoveries play supporting roles in historical narratives, the this female burial has the potential to establish a new regional and historical context for the public.

In order to explore visitors’ interest in their local history and their perspectives on Lowbury and Early Medieval British history, Seongmee conducted first-hand research at the Oxfordshire Museum, then Goring Library through a temporary exhibition that displayed Roman coins found in the Lowbury enclosure, pottery replicas, and beautiful paintings. Through interactive activities and presentations the community was engaged to think about Lowbury lady and to form personal connections to the local site.