Picturing Science for Children

Marie Neurath’s isotype books for children, produced from the 1940s to the early 1970s, were innovative in their approach to the design of complex information.

Picturing Science is exploring Marie Neurath’s approach to science communication making it relevant to teaching in primary schools today. We are working with teachers and teacher educators to ensure that their ideas and needs are taken into account. Staff and pupils at primary schools in Reading are helping us to evaluate our resources to make sure they are relevant and effective.

In summer 2019 we have an exhibition of Marie Neurath’s work at House of Illustration and we will show amazing material from the Otto and Marie Neurath Isotype Collections

An exhibition at House of Illustration in London in summer 2019, Marie Neurath: Picturing Science, will display examples of Marie Neurath’s illustrations from the children’s books, as well as sketches, drawings and correspondence that show how her team worked together.

Read the latest project updates here.

Marie Neurath and her team produced many books for children. We are pleased to show examples here.