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Chalkboard drawing of a boat transporting migrants across the sea

Language is one of the factors that can enhance the migrants’ and refugees’ life, their physical and mental wellbeing, and improve their chances of staying mobile. Language is key for communication, information sharing, participation in social processes, education, and training. It is a tool for access to cultural and material resources and an expression of identity.

It can strengthen resilience, prevent conflict, and strengthen communities. Story-telling can address loss, displacement, and trauma and can act as an intervention to support mental well-being. Book-sharing can facilitate language development in young children and promote child cognitive and socio-emotional development. At the same time, language can be a barrier if language policies and a language support system is not in place, making it difficult for refugees to find their way around, ask for help and support to meet their needs.

Find out how the Prolanguage Project aims to address these challenges.