Our research partners

Academic Partners

University of Reading, Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism

The Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism (CeLM) brings together leading experts in the fields of literacy and multilingualism to generate new insights into language acquisition, the importance of language for wellbeing and health, and the impact of multilingualism on cognitive development throughout the life-course. Strong links to practitioners (especially speech therapists and health workers) and multilingual families ensure that CeLM’s research remains grounded in policy and practice.

American University of Beirut, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is home to 17 different departments offering 25 Bachelor’s and 29 Master’s degrees in the humanities, natural sciences, quantitative thought and social sciences, in addition to four PhD programs (in Arabic Language and Literature; Arab and Middle Eastern History; Cell and Molecular Biology; and Theoretical Physics). Eleven research centers, institutes, and programs and one central core lab fall under the FAS umbrella. The faculty, through its teaching and research, promotes free inquiry, critical thinking, academic integrity, and respect for diversity and equality.

  • Co-Investigator Dr Tamer Amin, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Co-Investigator Dr Lina Choueiri, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

University of Patras

In 2014, the University of Patras celebrates 50 years of Academic operation, marked by continuous development and constantly emerging new achievements. The University presently stands well ahead of its original goal, which was to set “a firm model of an Academic institution providing Greece with a highly qualified Alumnae contributing to the society’s development and growth”. Today, the University of Patras enjoys recognition as an Academic Institution with a worldwide impact, attracting thousands of students and a large number of Academic and Research Personnel actively involved in the cutting-of-edge science, Innovation and Excellence.

University of Palermo

One of the focal points of the university is to valorize the international dimension and the internationalization of master courses with double degrees or in foreign language.
The most traditional international program is student mobility within Erasmus program, that has allowed the European students to spend periods of study and apprenticeship in a foreign university since 1987, surely an essential experience according to the judgment of the students. The participant students put in common their experiences and draw a patrimony of values that they bring with themselves for the whole life. Another area of the internationalization concerns the increase of the double degrees, European or extra-European, recognized by the countries that release the qualification.
A third area is that of the international cooperation with foreign partners to promote the development, through projects whose end is not only scientific or didactic but that can have a concrete impact on the territory through didactic and research initiatives.

European University Institute 

The European University Institute (EUI) is a unique international centre for doctorate and post-doctorate studies and research, situated in the Tuscan hills overlooking Florence.
Since its establishment 40 years ago by the six founding members of the then European Communities, the EUI has earned a reputation as a leading international academic institution with a European focus. The four departments – Economics, History and Civilization, Law, and Political and Social Sciences – host scholars from more than 60 countries, studying for the Institution’s doctorate or the one-year master in law.

Non-academic partners


Mothertongue is a culturally sensitive, professional counselling and listening service where people are heard with respect in their chosen language. The charity offers holistic support to people and professional development to staff and volunteers from black and minority ethnic (BME) communities.

Translators without borders

Translators without Borders (TWB) is a non-profit organization offering language and translation support for humanitarian and development agencies, and other non-profit organizations on a global scale.

The Mikhulu Trust

A non-profit organisation that helps parents provide the best support for their young children’s development. The charity conduct and support research, develop training materials and other resources for parents and children, and train and license organisations to deliver our programmes.

Al Fanar Foundation

Established in 2004, Alfanar is the first venture philanthropy organisation working exclusively in the Arab region. The foundation helps social enterprises improve the lives of more people while increasing their financial sustainability. This is done by providing tailored technical and financial support to ambitious grassroots organisations, helping them to achieve lasting social change in their communities.

Bilingualism Matters

The Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism at the University of Reading is the host of a branch of Bilingualism Matters. Bilingualism Matters provides training, advice and information on child bilingualism to anyone interested or involved with raising, educating and caring for bilingual and multilingual children. It also bridges the gap between researchers and society by presenting recent findings on the social and cognitive advantages of bilingualism.

Saint Andrew’s Refugee Services (StARS)

In 1979, StARS began serving refugees through English language instruction and community support. Founded by St. Andrew’s United Church of Cairo, StARS was one of the first organizations in Egypt dedicated to improving the quality of life of refugees, asylum seekers, and vulnerable migrants. It’s purpose is twofold: to provide high-quality services meeting unaddressed needs of refugees and asylum seekers, and to provide a safe and inclusive space for displaced people to come together as a community.