Analysis Group Members

The analysis group consists of five permanent members, and several visiting members, postdocs and doctoral students funded by EPSRC, Leverhulme and other funding bodies in the UK and overseas.

Simon Chandler-Wilde

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Research interests: analysis and spectral theory for PDEs and integral equations

Nikos Katzourakis

Associate Professor

Research interests: nonlinear PDE, calculus of variations

Michael Levitin

Professor of Applied Mathematics

Research interests: spectral theory, spectral geometry

Sugata Mondal

Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Research Interests: spectral geometry, analysis of PDE

Jani Virtanen

Professor of Analysis

Research interests: operator theory, complex analysis

Visiting members and postdocs

Name Title Research interests
Hicham Arroussi Visiting Research Fellow operator theory
Raffael Hagger Visiting  Research Fellow operator theory
Haakan Hedenmalm Leverhulme Visiting Professor complex analysis, random matrix theory
Titus Hilberdink Visiting Research Fellow analytic number theory
Santeri Miihkinen UKRI Postdoctoral Fellow operator theory
Karl-Mikael Perfekt Visiting Research Fellow complex analysis, operator theory

Doctoral students

Name Supervisor(s)
Reham Alahmadi Jani Virtanen, Santeri Miihkinen
Ghazaleh Asghari Jani Virtanen, Haakan Hedenmalm
Ed Clark Nikos Katzourakis
Laima Kaziulyte Titus Hilberdink, Jani Virtanen
Joseph Whitehead Karl-Mikael Perfekt, Michael Levitin