Meet Our Researchers


Professor Jacopo Torriti
Principal Investigator
Jacopo Torriti is a Professor of Energy Economics and Policy in the School of Built Environment. His current research focuses on policies, technologies and economic incentives related to energy demand for UK and EU smart grids. 

Dr Máté János Lőrincz
Máté Lőrincz is a human geographer. He completed his  PhD Degree ‘Narrowing the gap between smart metering and everyday life; comfort, cleanliness and smart metering technologies in undergraduate students’ households’, in 2017. His doctoral thesis explored the effect of the smart electricity display meters on practices-that-consume-energy in newly established student’s households; from the installation process till ‘move out’. As part of REDPeAK Máté explores the timing, connection and coordination of electricity consuming activities in households during peak-time periods aiming to identify clusters of users whose sequence of activities might provide flexibility for peak shifting intervention.

Dr Timur Yunusov
Timur Yunusov is a research assistant on the DEePRED project. He is a MathWorks certified Matlab Professional (2016), and has acquired a PhD (2014) and MEng (2010) from the University of Reading.  Timur has previously worked as a post-doctoral research assistant for a Low Carbon Network Fund project, focusing on application of energy storage for managing peaks on the low voltage distribution networks in sub-urban areas. For the DEePRED project Timur is analysing activities in households during peak-time periods to identify the key contributors to peak demand with the intent to cluster consumers by their socio-demographic parameters and evaluate the impact of Time-of-Use tariffs on consumer groups.