Reading 2050 Lecture:  A personal perspective – the role of Reading in a dynamic knowledge economy 1980-2050 (John Worthington)

Date: Thursday October 24

Time: 18:00 pm – 19:00 pm

Venue: L022 G01, London Road Campus

All welcome.

John Worthington MBE is a prominent architecture academic and co-founder of architecture and space planning consultancy DEGW.

Cities are changing at an increasing speed yet seen from the perspective of a thousand years the nature of change in cities is organic and incremental. 

In the last six decades, what defines a city in a post-industrial age has been reformulated. The city as defined by its economy is now a series of connected, distinctive places, within a polycentric metropolitan region. Wealth creation has shifted from the manufacturing of products to the creation and application of ideas.

Looking ahead, how might cities respond? This Reading 2050 public lecture will give John’s personal perspective and hopes for the future of towns and cities as more caring places, driven by artificial intelligence and acting on the challenges of climate change.

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