The research project “A Social Licence for Business” has submitted a response to the “Greening the post-Covid recovery” UK parliamentary Inquiry.

The project team supports the Environmental Audit Committee’s work on the environmental implications of the Covid-19 crisis.

Based on our research, we suggest that an alignment of stimulus packages and climate and environmental goals can only succeed if it harnesses the power of the private sector in helping to reach climate and development goals. We also point out that society has a right to demand that businesses do their part in rebuilding the economy fairer and greener.

We recommend that economic stimulus packages be tied to the development of a social licence framework for business, that the policy response must be more wide-reaching and accountable than the response to the 2008 financial crash, and that the UK should spearhead a movement towards the social licence for business as an alternative model for guiding a green and fair recovery.

If you are interested in our work, please find more information in the project’s consultation document and get in touch.