• Stephen Dwoskin

The Dwoskin Project

This is the website of the Dwoskin Project, a three-year investigation into the life and work of Stephen Dwoskin – filmmaker, designer, artist, activist – based at the University of Reading.

Separately, you can view his own website, set up before his death in 2012, here. A selection of his films is available to stream from the BFI here. The project’s Twitter feed is here. We are also on Instagram.

We have published an introduction to Dwoskin's first four major films, to accompany their recent launch on the LUXPLAYER website.

The project publishes a monthly blogpost, also on the LUX website. The most recent one, is about the origins of Dwoskin’s film Face of Our Fear (1992).

On 5 March we mounted a streaming event in association with the LUX and Reading's Centre for Film Aesthetics and Cultures (CFAC), Dwoskin, disability, and… accessibility: Face of Our Fear.

Both the film and the discussion are available online till 16 June here. Both the film and the discussion have closed captions and the discussion is BSL-interpreted.

In support of the event we published two further articles, one on the making and captioning of Face of Our Fear, and one on the film season it grew out of, written for the BFI.

On Friday 19 March we will be represented at the SCMS conference online.