Chloe Barrow

Chloe’s research focus is the retention of women in the workplace. The focus of her PhD thesis is a critical examination of employer-led housing, and how extrinsic benefits provided by employers can be used to encourage and retain women within the workplace.

Chloe’s project will seek to determine why, how, and which companies within the United Kingdom have provided housing for their employees over the last century, with an emphasis on the impact on female employees. The thesis will examine why companies provide housing for their employees and what role (if any) has this played in the development and success of their companies, as well as this, what political, environmental or social motivation, if any, has underpinned the provision of employer-led housing by companies.

The project will seek collaboration with UK companies to ascertain specific extrinsic benefits that would allow companies to encourage and retain women in the workplace within the context of employer-led housing, enabling them to achieve their personal and professional potential. Chloe strongly believes that this proactive approach by employers will allow women to stay and flourish in the workplace, and will provide a precedent for policy changes across the UK.