The Urban Living group is truly interdisciplinary, with expertise in analysis, evaluation and mapping of urban systems from a social, economic, environmental, cultural, experiential and design perspectives, and the interfaces between those systems. The corollary of this is a constant questioning of disciplinary and professional boundaries; the roles of ‘experts’, business, citizens and government; the development of ‘high’ and ‘low’ technologies; and what all this means for the making of the city now, and in the future.

The group is committed to developing novel, pragmatic and blended research methodologies and data gathering techniques. These reflect the rich complexity of urban experience across scales from human and building scale to neighbourhood and city scale. Our aim is to impact on strategy, policy and practice for climate resilience, sustainable resource use, wellbeing, community, design quality and the public realm.

We welcome PhD applications in the area of Urban Living. Please take a look at the School of Built Environment ‘Find a PhD’ webpage for further details about current opportunities and how to apply.