Dr Daniela Perrotti

Academic Member UK Landscape Institute (AMLI)

Daniela’s research is a real-world inquiry into the potential of urban metabolism theory and models to inform the planning and design of resource-efficient and climate-resilient cities. Her work positions itself distinctively in the landscape of research into urban metabolism applications in environmental planning and design by operating across two main areas.

The first area relates to the integration of ecosystem service frameworks into urban metabolism modelling approaches to inform green infrastructure planning and design. This includes investigation into nature-based solutions and green infrastructure options to reduce the demand on natural resources and mitigate the environmental pressure resulting from urbanization.

The second focuses on the process of knowledge transfer between research and practice for the design of advanced urban metabolism assessment tools that can better assist policy making and urban planning practice. This includes retrospective evaluations of previously conducted research, as well as a set of pilot projects on the co-design of new urban metabolism models and decision support systems involving researchers and public/industry stakeholders.

Over the last few years, Daniela has served as Principal Investigator and co-Investigator for several research projects on integrated green infrastructure and urban metabolism modelling approaches, in collaboration with public/industry partners across Europe and South-America. These include research partnerships in Brazil (Municipality of Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso, and Goiânia, Goiás), the UK (Reading Borough Council, Directorate of Environment and Neighbourhood Services – Sustainability), Finland (Helsinki City Planning Department), the Netherlands (Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions), France (Etablissement Public Paris-Saclay, and French Government Debate on Energy Transition), and Italy (Alta Murgia National Park Authority and Italian Ministry for the Environment).

Daniela is also founding partner and scientific co-director of the international network Sustainable Urban Metabolisms (SUMs), bringing together leading academics as well as practitioners and decision-makers in Finland, Spain, UK, Estonia, and the Netherlands. Among other activities, SUMs is implementing the first edition of an itinerant International Summer School series on Urban Metabolism for Early-Career Researchers in top-ranked Schools of Architecture and Landscape Architecture in Europe. Daniela has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers in international journals and books (see list of selected publications below).

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Selected Publications

  • Perrotti, D. and Iuorio, O. 2018, Green Infrastructure in the Space of Flows: An Urban Metabolism Approach to Bridge Environmental Performance and User’s Wellbeing. In Lemes de Oliveira, F. and Mell, I. (eds.), Planning Cities with Nature: Theories, strategies and methods. Dordrecht: Springer. The Urban Book Series.
  • Voskamp, I., Stremke, S., Spiller, M., Perrotti, D., Van der Hoek, J. and Rijnaarts, H. 2016, Enhanced Performance of the Eurostat Method for Comprehensive Assessment of the Urban Metabolism. A Material Flow Analysis of Amsterdam, Journal of Industrial Ecology 21(4): 887-902.
  • Perrotti, D. 2016, Research-Practice Knowledge Transfer on Urban Metabolism. A Real-World Test in Helsinki – Meri-Rastila, Research Report for the Kone Foundation, Researcher Grant n. 4eaf87, Helsinki, August 2016.
  • Courtonne, J.Y., Chatzimpiros, P., Perrotti, D., Vernay, A.L. and Blouin, M. 2015, The Energy Metabolism of Aussois, Savoy. In N. Buclet (ed.), Essay on Territorial Ecology Paris: CNRS Editions, pp. 180-206.
  • Perrotti, D. 2015, Of other (energy) spaces. Protected areas and everyday landscapes of energy in the southern-Italian region of Alta Murgia. In Frolova, M. et al. (eds.), Renewable Energies and European Landscapes: Lessons from Southern European Cases, Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 193-215
  • Perrotti, D. 2014, Landscape as Energy Infrastructure: Ecologic Approaches and Aesthetic Implications of Design. In Czechowski, D., Hauck, T. and Hausladen G. (eds.), Revising Green Infrastructure: Concepts Between Nature and Design, Boca Raton, CRC Press p.71-90
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  • Perrotti, D. 2014, Inhabiting the Flow. Metabolic Analysis and Climate-Responsive Urban Design. In Métropolisation, cohésion et performance: Quels futurs pour nos territoires?, 51st Congress of the European Regional Science Association – French Speaking Section (ASRDLF), University of Paris-Est. Labex Futurs Urbains. Champs-sur-Marne, July 7–9, 2014.
  • Perrotti, D. 2014, Landscape Design and Sustainable Energy Transition in Peri-Urban Areas: State of the Art and Action Perspectives in the Ile-de-France Region, R2DS Report n.2012-13, Research Network on Sustainable Development Ile-de-France Regional Council, INRA Versailles-Grignon, Versailles, June 2014.
  • Perrotti, D. and Henrion, S. 2013, The Notion of Landscape Acceptability as a Potential Key Factor in a New Integrated Approach to Energy and Landscape Policy, Environmental Practice 15(1): 5-18.
  • Perrotti, D. 2013, Paysage-Infrastructure: The Infrastructural Dimension of the Landscape, Les Cahiers de la recherche architecturale et urbaine 28(1): 141-142.
  • Perrotti, D. 2012, Urban Rurality. The Periurban Areas of Parco Agricolo Sud Milano toward Expo Milan 2015, Environnement urbain / Urban Environment 6(1): 100-117.
  • Perrotti, D. 2012, Conceiving the (everyday) landscape of energy as a trans-scalar infrastructural device, Projets de paysage 7(1).
  • Perrotti, D. 2011, The Alta Murgia National Park. A Landscape Perspective, Edizioni L’Orbicolare, Milan. Publication for the Italian Ministry for the Environment
  • Perrotti, D. 2011. The Mons Viminalis and its landscape development. In Mangone F., Perrotti, D. and Ravioli, S. (eds.), The Viminale. A Palace at the Hearth of Italy’s Institutions, Italian Ministry of the Interior, Milano, L’Orbicolare, p. 22-27.
  • Perrotti, D. 2011, Agro-energy production as a driving force in the socio-ecological transition of rural landscapes: a case study in the Alta Murgia National Park. In Sustainable economics within a new culture of development, Girardot, J-J. (ed.), European Network of Territorial Intelligence, Liège.
  • Perrotti D. and Locardi, C. 2010, An Analytic and Operational Approach for the transformation of Verona’s Metropolitan Region: Paysage-Infrastructure, Projets de paysage 4(1).
  • Perrotti, D. 2010, The European Landscape: A Sustainable Infrastructure. In Pedroli, B. et al. (eds.), Living Landscape. The European Landscape Convention in research perspective. UNISCAPE, Bandecchi&Vivaldi Editori, Florence, p. 147-151
  • Perrotti, D. and Locardi, C. 2009, The Landscape-Infrastructure Approach: a Model of Territorial Development for Verona in the new pan-European Infrastructure Network. In Landscape, Great Idea. Licka, L. and Schwab, E. (eds.), University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, p. 16-21.
  • De Marco, R. and Perrotti, D. 2008, Towards an Architecture of the Milieus. Design and pedagogical experiments for the Green City. Systematic bibliographic study. Research Report French National Research Programme L’architecture de la grande échelle, French Ministry of Ecology, Paris, October 2008.
  • Venturi Ferriolo, M., and Perrotti, D. (ed.) 2007, Landscapes. A Gaze from the Theatron, Edizioni L’Orbicolare, Milan.

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