Dr Eugene Mohareb

Lecturer in Sustainable Urban Systems

My work at the University of Reading focuses on research and teaching related to urban sustainability through resource efficiency and global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions mitigation.

My research is centred on the investigation of how cities in both the developed and developing world can reduce GHG emissions. This includes the use of methods within urban metabolism, life cycle assessment, and data analytics to examine sustainability topics; these have included scenario modelling of local GHG emissions, urban contributions to reductions in food system environmental impacts, and the adoption of low-carbon technologies, especially domestic retrofits.

Ultimately, my research uses quantitative sustainability assessments to contribute to the evidence base used in setting policy goals for low-carbon economies.

Research Interests

· urban GHG mitigation
· energy efficiency retrofit adoption in housing
· urban metabolism, urban immune systems
· low-carbon food systems
· life cycle assessment and other quantitative sustainability analysis
· civic analytics


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· Mohareb, E., & Kennedy, C.A., 2012.  Gross direct and embodied carbon sinks for urban inventories.  Journal of Industrial Ecology. 16(3): 302 – 316.
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For further information, please contact me via e.mohareb@reading.ac.uk  or www.eugenemohareb.com

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