Luke Psailia

Luke is an architect and civil engineer from Malta. He is interested in the quality of public space, in particular streets and squares. He is particularly interested in how the ‘place’ function of streets and squares can be revitalised to increase the pedestrian and social space within cities and villages. The focus of his research is on how these spaces can be better shared between different user groups through the introduction of shared space principles.

Recently Luke has been focusing on how these shared space principles can be retrofitted to the existing spaces through a collaborative design approach with the local community. He strongly believes that this approach will allow communities to evolve and adapt urban space in their urban areas to meet any challenges that might arise in the future.

Luke is seeking to analyse these approaches in terms of the wider context and is interested in several other related themes which impact the shape, use and activities within the public realm, including: interdisciplinary approaches to design; smart cities; smart cars; and ageing population.

Urban Living themes/Projects

  • Placemaking
  • Collaborative Design
  • Design Governance
  • Shared Space
  • Urban Design & Regeneration
  • Tactical Urbanism