Chaitanya Taviti

Chennamarajupalli Cluster,

Kadapa district.

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Agricultural Graduate (Agri Eng)

Responsibilities for RYSS :

AS A FARMER Roll : As a NFF, My responsibility is to  being a role model farmer in my cluster by doing farming and experiments in my field.

TRAINER : As a Master trainer, giving training to cluster level, divisional level, district level zbnf farmers and staff.

RESEARCHER: .By conducting short term and long term experiments in my own field on zbnf methods. Doing of Innovative research activities.

To know innovative new crop models , learn extension activities at community service.

Involved in UoR experiments :

Upto now no research has been done on ZBNF. For the first time with the help of “University of Reading” a UoR experiment by conducting with different cultivating methods of  zbnf, organic and chemical methods.

The main agenda to this experiment is to find out how earthworms populations are growing in three plots, find out what percentage of moisture is present, what changes are going in the soil ,how carbon fixation, Humus development in soil etc..,

To find out in which plots organic carbon percentage is more.

Plot wise Biometric observations, plant parameters difference to be find.

To find out yield comparatives, quality and storage capacity of three different methods of crop products.

Pest and disease comparison in different plots and how to control it.

Learned in UoR experiments :

By doing the UoR experiment, I noticed changes in soil moisture content, soil pH changes, infiltration in the readings and observations taken in 9 plots each week .

By mulching the soil in ZBNF plots weed growth is not Observed. While in Organic and in chemical plots are weeded three times

By doing mulching in ZBNF plots, I have learned that soil moisture is good than other plots, observed porous soil.

I have clearly observed that plant growth, height and fruits are well developed in ZBNF plots.

I have observed how the earthworms development is in the plots and measured their weight.

By doing this UoR experiment, I informed the farmers in the cluster how to grow the crop in the ZBNF method and what the benefits would be there.

Hope to Learn :

It is good experience to work with “University of Reading” on UoR experiment. From now I’m wanna take it to next level , l have yet to do this research work in a university of reading with good equipments, knowledge and lab facilities.