Myself Haleema Sadia, at present am an Agricultural Graduate (Agricultural BSc).
On Jan 29th I have joined ZBNF project as a Natural Farming Fellow, From May 1st , I have involved in UoR experiment, And chosen OKRA Crop in kharif and Tomato crop in Rabi season for my experiment in 10 cents of land.

Main reason for involved in this :Basically I belong to an Agricultural family, My parents used to grow paddy in large extent, gradually they stopped agriculture bcoz the net income was in crisis and converted the whole land into Aqua culture,and my whole village was converted to Aqua from green carpet. In my 4 years of graduation, I completely learned about conventional farming, no idea about Natural farming, In a short span of 3 months I got an opportunity to know the difference in ZBNF, Conventional and Organic in both soil parameters and physiology growth parameters through UOR experiment.From this experimental result, I would like to reestablish green carpet in my village.

Haleema Sadia,
NFF, Krishna district.