I am V.Hari priya, with masters in Microbiology , working as a Research coordinator in science team – RySS. Each of the Research Coordinators will look after the Research work in one district. Many experiments are being conducted by the science team which helps in Revealing the Science behind ZBNF. RySS in collaboration with University of Reading is conducting few experiments in identifying the health benefits of plant and soil through ZBNF. We Research Coordinators involve in one set   experiments and also monitor the Natural Farming Fellows who involved in another set of experiments. Life cycle analysis and Land degradation surveillance frame work are the few major projects of ICRAF in collaboration with RySS, in which I played a role in looking after the work in Anantapur District. Andhra Pradesh has got 5 Agro climatic zones in which Anantapur falls into Scarce Rainfall zone, I felt it challenging to work on one such regions where I can work hard to improve myself to achieve the organization objectives as well as to gain good knowledge and experience. I am glad to be a part of RySS.

With University of Reading and APPI  Team

Visited  to University of Reading

Land degradation surveillance frame work (LDSF) Training

Explaining the LDSF –  Anantapur site (Korrakodu) Results to ICRAF team.