Qualification: M.Sc seed science and technology

Currently I am working as research coordinator in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh state, India. I will be monitoring 365DGC experiments conducted by NFF’s at district level.

I have facilitated participatory photography in Guntur district.


The Experience in participatory photography was hosted by the University Of Reading in collaboration with Zero Budget Natural Farming, INDIA. Participating in this program is a great way to get knowledge on the concept of selective interests of peers. Working in collaboration with the University Of Reading has been a great experience. Collaborating with experienced people from the university team has been fantastic exposure to the subject.

  • I have worked with two women self-help groups, Namely Sri Venkateswara Group and Ankammathalli Group on the participatory photography in Dhavuluripalem village, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • During my first gathering with the Sri Venkateswara group, I realized that participatory photography is a very effective way of research which gave me a chance to know more about the members of Women’s Self Help Groups.
  • Through the first generative topic, I comprehended that the selective topic depends on the encounters and understandings of SHG individuals which builds up good coordination among the team.
  • The most interesting part of all group gatherings is that every member of the gathering shared their printed photographs among each other inside the circular gathering and explaining about the theme images on why they choose to click that particular picture.
  • Generating different themes for the groups is the initial challenge. To find a solution to it, I used the problem-posing questions, so that it would become easy to generate a theme from their answers.
  • I have guided both the groups that the theme they opted for should catch a single concept for effective results.
  • The efforts we put into this project gave fulfilled satisfaction and good learning by taking a slot in participatory photography.


Being part of this innovative program gave me a good exposure in understand the interests of the participated women groups and gaining good experience by working with University Of Reading, London.