Education Qualifications : Agril.B-Tech

Working district : SPSR Nellore

“I have done UOR experiment for 2 seasons in my cluster not only by personal interest but also want to do the research

From that I learnt,

🌱How to take soil parameters, plant biometrics which I never use to take in my bachelor degree or any where

🌱 I observed how the soil improves for method to method or treatment to treatment (like ZBNF, Organic, Conventional)

🌱I observed more yields and soil improving properties in ZBNF and Organic compared to Conventional

🌱The plants height will be more in Conventional compared to remaining two treatments as my observation

🌱I would like to continue my zeal and spirit in doing experiment and learning new things also, I would like to show the visual observations in field like increase in earthworm population, beneficial insects etc., to farmers by sharing my experience with them.”