To obtain a respectable entry-level agriculture position in the organization where I could apply
my theoretical and practical horticultural knowledge to meet as well as exceed the company’s


M.sc.(Ag.) Crop physiology

Have done research work on Rice crop as Master’s project, titled as “Effect of graphene and
copper nanoparticles on the callus induction and plant regeneration of shiats dhan-1 rice
(Oryza sativa)” under the guidance of Dr. Pradeep k. Shukla, Assistant Professor, SHUATS,
Allahabad, Uttarpradesh.


Currently I am working as research coordinator in Ryss, Guntur, AP, India. I will be monitoring UoR experiments conducted by
Natural Farming Fellows in district level and I am conducting a type 2 UoR Experiment with ZBNF practices


Basic research experience in plant tissue culture.
Processing of Horticulture Produce and Value Addition.
Breeding of Horticultural Crops.
Production Technology of Hi-value Vegetable and Flower Crops.