Sairam NFF

Adireddypalli cluster

Mydukuru mandal

Kadapa district

Education agriculture in PDKV agricultural university, Maharashtra state.

Responsibilities for Ryss

  • FARMER : As a NFF, my responsibility is being role model farmer in cluster by doing farming.
  • TRAINER : as a Master trainer, giving training to cluster level, divisional level, district level zbnf farmers and staff.
  • RESEARCHER: By conducting short term and long term experiments in my own field on zbnf methods. Doing of Innovative research activities.
  • LEARNER : To know innovative new crop models , learn extension activities at community service.

Involved in UoR experiments

  • No research has been done on ZBNF. for the first time in the uor experiment by conducting zbnf, organic, chemical methods.
  • To find out how earthworms populations are growing in three plots, find out what percentage of moisture is present, what changes are going in the soil.
  • To find out in which plots organic carbon percentage is more.
  • Plot wise Biometric observations, plant parameters difference to be find.
  • To find out yield comparatives, quality and storage capacity of three different methods of crop products.
  • Pest and disease comparison in different plots and how to control it.

Learned in UoR experiments :

  • By doing the UoR experiment, I noticed changes in soil moisture content, soil pH changes, infiltration in the readings and observations taken in 9 plots each week .
  • I have clearly observed that plant growth, height and fruits are well developed in ZBNF plots.
  • I have observed how the earthworms development is in the plots and measured their weight.
  • By doing mulching in ZBNF plots, I have learned that soil moisture is good than other plots, observed porous soil.
  • By doing this UoR experiment, I informed the farmers in the cluster how to grow the crop in the ZBNF method and what the benefits would be there.

Hope to Learn :

  • Good experience in UoR experiment done so far. I have yet to do this research work in a university of reading with good equipments, knowledge and lab facilities.