Qualification: Graduation in Agriculture in Mahanandi Agriculture College.

Work experience: Previously worked as M.P.E.O (Multi-Purpose Extension officer) and present working as Natural farming fellow in RySS.

Job role:

*Monitoring cluster of villages.

*Maintaining model plot of one acre (Five layer model) in village by myself.

*Conducted pre-monsoon dry sowing experiment in Kharif 2018.

*Conducted Farmer Field Schools for one crop season.

* Working with UoR on Participatory Photography with two SHGs in Anantapur district.

Experience on Participatory Photography:

I have worked with Two Women self help groups i.e.,Anjali and Sri sai shgs on Participatory photography in Anantapur district, Cherlopalli village.It was a great experience for me to work with the shgs and know their views on photographs taken by themselves.Active participation was seen among the shg members.They expressed their point of views on the photographs which helped me to facilitate them and draw the Generative theme by the participants.

By this analysis as a facilitator I came to know about the views of the participants, their reality,Challenges, oppurtunities, Troubles and solutions followed by them for a particular problem.I also got an idea about their customs and traditions.The ideas behind the photographs maybe distinct for each of the participants i.e., positive voice or negative voice behind the photo.By this I also came to know about their personal lives,their way thinking.It was a great experience and good Work done by both the shgs.