Education : Agricultural Engineering
Designation: NFF

I did UOR experiment for 2 seasons on okra in my cluster village not only for the research purpose, I put personal interest on the field to know the benefits and outcome of the experiment

From the experiment I have learnt that,
🍀 How to select the proper seeds and soil for the experiment and how to take the soil parameters.
🍀 I observed that how the soil improves for method to method.
🍀 I also observed that the difference in yields I,e. More yields was observed in ZBNF and organic compared to conventional.
🍀 Apart from that I also observed that health issues were decreased due to consumption of ZBNF products
🍀 I also learned how to mobilize people and how to create awareness about ZBNF
🍀 I would like to show the observations in field with farmers like increase in the yield, earthworm population.
🍀 This experiment increased my spirit in doing natural farming and to create awareness about chemical free food to all the farmers by sharing my views with them.