Kerry Morrison is an environment artist. Her work is in, and about, nature in urban areas. Through the processes of walking, talking, listening, drawing, photography, ethnography, data collection, and performance, she learns about the environment she is working in: it’s ecology, and it’s culture. She is constantly intrigued by perceptions of nature within an urban landscape. What makes us value one thing over another? How we decide what to conserve and what to eradicate? Where our ideas of nature appreciation come from? How this manifest in our towns and cities? And what are the social, cultural, and environmental implications of our nature preferences? These are just some of the questions she explores in her practice: through curious actions of investigation – performative happenings – in the urban landscape, and impromptu conversations. Her work has engagement with people and place at its heart. Her approach is durational and process led, transdisciplinary, and collaborative: integrating political, cultural, ecological, social, and philosophical perspectives on nature.

In 2009 she began a PhD in Environmental Science, University of Salford; Unlocking the Ecosystem Service Cultural Value of unmanaged brownfield sites in urban areas.

In 2011 she co-founded in-situ, a non-for-profit artist led initiative in Pendle. In-Situ serves to examine, through art, environment and culture in the locale of Brierfield, Nelson, and Colne.


  • Ecological art
  • Socially engaging art
  • Cross disciplinary collaboration