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Research Data Storage Service


Research Data Storage Service provides researchers with on campus access to 3 tiers of secure and resilient storage. Two of the three service options also offer off- site backup.

All storage is accessible from Windows, Linux and MacOS via SMB or NFS although we are unable to offer mixed access.

More information can be found on the IT Service Portal.

How to access

Research Data Storage subscription can be purchased or renewed via IT Service Portal.

NFS exports are mounted on /storage/.

SMB shares are accessible using the UNC \\\research.


  Scratch (formerly Basic) Standard (formerly Silver)* Protected (formerly Gold)
Snapshots No Yes Yes
Backups No Optional Add-on at £60 per TB per year. Yes (3 Months)
Suggested use General purpose research data which can be easily recreated or downloaded from another source. Research Data to be used with computing platforms or fast access via desktops. – Part of the Research Cloud. General purpose research data which is not easy to recreate, where additional recovery options are available.
Data protection level
One copy protected with parity drives. Two copies stored in one location on SSD computing tier with optional offsite cloud backup Two copies stored in two locations with offsite cloud backup
Cost per TB – 2020-2021 £Free £195 £295

*There is currently a 40TB limit on Silver storage to maintain performance.

Subscription Portal

Share owners and managers can find out information on the shares that they own by logging in to the Subscriptions Portal.


Expired volumes

In order to ensure fair usage, lapsed storage which is not renewed will be marked as read-only for one month. After one month, the lapsed volume will be deleted along with all remaining data.

Research Data Archive


The University of Reading Research Data Archive is a multidisciplinary online service for the registration, preservation and publication of research data produced or collected at the University of Reading.

University research staff and research students can register and deposit data in the Archive. Up to 20 gigabytes of data per project can deposited at no charge. Deposits greater than 20 GB may be made subject to a charge.

The Archive will enable you to comply with the University Research Data Management Policy and any relevant funder policy for the long-term preservation/sharing of research data. In particular you can:

  • Create and publish an online metadata record for a digital and/or non-digital dataset;
  • Generate a unique permanent Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for your dataset, so that it can be easily cited and linked to;
  • Deposit digital data files and related documentation for long-term preservation and access;
  • License your data and use access settings to control how your data files can be accessed and used.

How to access

The Research Data Archive is managed by Research Services and can be accessed via the RES website.

Note: This service is not offered directly by IT.

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