The Trump Presidency: From Campaign Trail to World Stage


The Monroe Group’s new book, The Trump Presidency: From Campaign Trail to World Stage, edited by members Mara Oliva and Mark Shanahan, will be available very soon! The edited collection delves into the key aspects of the Trump campaign promises around immigration, trade, social and foreign policy, and unpicks how the first year of the presidency has played out in delivering them. It charts his first year from both historical and contemporary political standpoints, and in the context of comparative pieces stacking Trump’s performance against Gold-standard presidents such as Reagan, Kennedy and the last ‘outsider’, Eisenhower. Focusing in on a number of key elements of the presidency in depth, it offers a unique perspective on a presidency like no other, drawing on the overriding themes of populism, nativist nationalism and the battle for disengagement from the neoliberal power generation.

The digital book launch will be taking place on the 8th October 2018, along with a great series of blogs by the collection contributors. The blogs will be published on our website as follows:

8th October                      Mark Shanahan, University of Reading

12th October                    Mark White, Queen Mary University of London

15th October                    Iwan Morgan, University College London

19th October                    Lee Marsden, University of East Anglia

22 October                        Richard Johnson, Lancaster University

26th October                    Kevern Verney, Edge Hill University

29th October                    Clodagh Harrington, DeMontfort University

2nd November                 Alex Waddan, University of Leicester

5th November                  Maria Ryan, University of Nottingham

9th November                  Mara Oliva, University of Reading


You can also pre-order the book here: