Our research covers a range of ecosystems from intensive agriculture to semi-natural and natural habitats. Our science is global, ranging from intensively managed production systems in Europe to traditionally managed tropical agriculture and its associated ecosystems.  The following are examples of our recent projects:

Pan-European Assessment, Monitoring and Mitigation of Stressors on the Health of Bees

PoshBee aims to support healthy bee populations, sustainable beekeeping and pollination across Europe.  The University of Reading is leading the knowledge exchange and impact strategy to help drive evidence-based policy development with respect to pollinator health and national and European levels.

Status and Trends in European Pollinators

Professor Simon Potts, University of Reading, is leading a team of more than 50 researchers who are working together to find ways to conserve Europe's pollinators and ensure that they continue to deliver pollination services to crops and wildflowers.

Linking Farmland Biodiversity to Ecosystem Services for Effective Ecological Intensification

LIBERATION aims to provide the evidence base for ecological intensification and demonstrate the concept in seven representative agricultural landscape types in Europe.

Sustainable Management of Orchard Pollination Services

SMOOPS is a multidisciplinary project bringing together a team with expertise in pollination ecology, entomology, top fruit production, habitat creation and ecological economics, working closely with industry leaders and growers to co-develop sustainable pollination management in apple orchards.

Sustainable Pollination Services for UK Crops

An IPI funded project to determine which wild and managed pollinators contribute to the pollination of some important UK crops, whether lack of insect pollinators is limiting agricultural productively, how land use and climate change will affect UK crop pollination in the future and the effectiveness of different mitigation strategies.

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