Incubation at the right temperature is a crucial step to performing the microbiological test. Therefore, the incubator is an essential type of equipment in most microbiology laboratories.

In reality, tests also can be deployed in the fields or the patients’ beds with a portable incubator.

These will reduce the turnaround time and improve informative data during the outbreak and in resource-limiting settings. With such benefits, many microbiology laboratories can access microbiology tests easily. Applying this mobile incubator is able to contribute to being proactive of the laboratory in routine work and response to the outbreak. This mobile incubator is more and more suitable for any laboratory where microbiology work hasn’t been invested proportionally including Vietnam.


We have published a new paper! In this work, we present an open-source design for a Microbiological Mobile Incubator (MicroMI) in two sizes for field use.

Check out the link to the Hardware-x below to access the paper!

MicroMI: a Portable Microbiological Mobile Incubator that uses Inexpensive Lithium Power Banks for Field Microbiology