Cristina De Luca

PhD project: How do inter-firm circulation agreements affect authors’ reception in the publishing field? The Einaudi-Mondadori agreements of 1957 and 1967  Funding: SWW-DTP Supervisors: Professor Daniela La Penna, Dr Sophie…Read More >

Andrea Romanzi

PhD Project: Fernanda Pivano and the American Beat Generation: agency, advocacy and translation.  Funding: SWW-DTP. Supervisors: Prof. Daniela La Penna (Reading), Carol O’Sullivan (Bristol). Andrea Romanzi is a fully-funded AHRC doctoral…Read More >

Emma Page

PhD Project: A study of children’s literature in translation using data from Outside in World. Funding: SWW DTP. Supervisors: Dr Sophie Heywood (Reading), Dr Catherine Butler (Cardiff). After graduating from…Read More >

Domonique Davies

PhD Project: Ecocriticism’s address of issues surrounding human and nonhuman relationships. Funding: Reading Regional Bursary Supervisors: Professor Steven Matthews, Dr Yasmine Shamma (Reading). My PhD considers ecocriticism’s address of issues…Read More >