About us

Our multidisciplinary team has joint expertise in user-centred health communication and rapid testing technology.

Project team

Prof Sue Walker specialises in the application of information design principles in cross-disciplinary projects in health and education. Her recent work includes communicating information about antimicrobial resistance in community pharmacies in the UK and in Rwanda, and in science communication for children.

Dr Al Edwards. With a background in bioscience and biochemical engineering, Dr Edwards is an interdisciplinary researcher focused on solving current and future healthcare challenges using design and engineering combined with biology, biochemistry, chemistry and physics. As well as being Associate Professor in Biomedical Technology at Reading School of Pharmacy, he is a co-founder of technology company CFT Ltd and co-inventor of ‘tiny test tubes’ technology that allows many lab tests to be performed faster in portable devices.

Julie Hart brings extensive experience in supporting companies seeking to commercialise their technologies, has a well-established network of NHS partners for supporting real world evaluation and has been driving innovation adoption of diagnostics across the NHS in the Thames Valley. Julie has also been supporting Technology Validation as part of the Department of Health and Social Care COVID-19 testing programme.

Dr Josefina Bravo is a design researcher and a practising information designer. Her work focuses on the design of effective public-facing information in the areas of health information, education and emergency management.


Dr Sarah Needs is a researcher with an interest in point-of-care diagnostics. Her current project focuses on the development of rapid diagnostics to detect antimicrobial resistance in urinary tract infections.


Gemma Little. Gemma is a PhD student whose main research on platelets (cells that make your blood clot) focuses on interactions between receptors which regulate platelet responses to stimuli.


Fraser Muggeridge studio is a graphic design company specialising in a wide range of formats, from artists’ books and exhibition catalogues to posters, marketing material, exhibitions and websites. Fraser founded and is a tutor at Typography Summer School, a week-long programme of typographic study for recent graduates and professionals, held in London (since 2010) and New York (since 2013). He is a visiting lecturer at The University of Reading and Camberwell College of Art, London.

Isabel Stoole is a PhD student with a background in not-for-profit and public sector graphic design. Her PhD focus is depictions of women with technologies in 20th century print-production advertisements. isabel.stoole@reading.ac.uk