Internal Resources

Below is a list of links to DH resources available from the University of Reading.

Note that these lists are not exhaustive and will be updated as we develop the support available.

Academic Research Computing Team Services (ARC)



Introduction to our academic computing services

How to access and use our academic computing services

Reading Research Cloud

The Reading Research Cloud is a platform for server hosting which runs virtual machine (VMs) on University owned servers

Reading Academic Computing Cluster (RACC)

The Reading Academic Computing Cluster (RACC) is a Linux cluster which provides resources for interactive research computing and batch job submissions for staff and students

Accessing software on the cluster How to access software on the cluster
Paid-for resources on RACC

Research projects can purchase hardware and gain access to dedicated paid-for resources for batch computing

Project Support Project Support from the Academic and Research Computing Team
Self Service Request Forms Forms for requesting DTS services
Externally visible ssh server – arc-ssh is an externally visible ssh server. It exists to allow access to the UoR network and Linux-related resources from off-campus.
WordPress websites for research groups and projects ACT provides a WordPress environment to host your research websites
Web Hosting on cPanel CPanel is a web hosting platform for static or dynamic pages mainly written in PHP with a local MySQL database.
A glossary of programming terms Programming terms glossary with examples



Digital Humanities Community of Practice (MS Teams) – UoR members only DH COP for UoR community discussions: a place for colleagues to share information about work in progress, potential collaborations, events, funding opportunities and support at Reading and elsewhere. Place a join request to Olivia Thompson
Research Software Engineering at Reading Community-run group covering all aspects of using IT and software.

Joining information is available on the website

PCLS Coding Club (MS Teams) – UoR members only Coding club run by School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences. Place a join request to Dan Brady
Artificial Intelligence Community of Practice (MS Teams) – UoR members only AI Community of Practice run by the Department of Computer Science. Place a join request to Dan Brady

Web pages

External Resources

Below is a list of links to DH resources, information, and training offered by other institutions and companies,

Note that these lists are not exhaustive and will be updated periodically. Please let us know if you have suggestions of any useful links, DH projects or resources that we could add.

General DH Tools and Software

Name Description URL
Padlet Make boards, documents and webpages collecting items that are easy to read and contribute to
myExperiment Social site for researchers to share and record projects and workflows
Name Description URL
Social Media Research Toolkit 50+ tools curated by Social Media Lab at Ryerson University. Includes tools for collecting and analysing tweets and other social media data
Twitter APIs Social site for researchers to share and record projects and workflows
Name Description URL
Gephi Open-source visualization software for graphs and network analysis
Tableau Public Free online version of Tableau for visualizing and sharing visualizations online. Can be embedded in websites
Palladio Visualisation tool for historical data
Breve Visualisation for tables to reveal mismatched and missing data at a  glance
Name Description URL
Amazon Mechanical Turk Outsource small tasks to a paid workforce
Zooniverse Crowdsourcing research platform for volunteers. Researchers can design and host academic projects

Summer Schools and other courses

Course title Provider Description Date Cost Deadline
Digital Humanities at Oxford Summer School (DHOxSS) University of Oxford Week-long summer school with a range of strands available 3-7 July 2023 £795* 15 June 2023
Cambridge Data Schools University of Cambridge Hands-on courses in ‘Cultural Heritage Data’ (for GLAM professionals) and ‘Social Data’ (for researchers developing a project 17-18 April, 26-30 June 2023 £695 First come, first served
Digital Humanities Summer School University of Antwerp Computer-assisted genetic editing: from handwritten text recognition to keystroke logging 3-7 July 2023 250€ 15 April 2023
3D Summer School School of Advanced Study 3D Imaging and Modelling for Classics and Cultural Heritage 24-28 July 2023 £695

*Bursaries are available for UoR members of staff to attend DHOxSS, covering the registration fee plus £100 towards travel. Please contact Olivia Thompson by 30 March.

Course title Provider Description Date Cost Deadline
Introduction to Digital Humanities (MOOC) Harvard University Develop skills in digital research and visualization techniques across subjects and fields within the humanities. Self-paced Free but $149 for certificate N/A
Digital Humanities in Practice: From Research Questions to Results Harvard University Use code to gain insights from large volumes of documents and visualise results, work on building an academic search engine and learn the fundamentals of text analysis. Self-paced Free but $149 for certificate N/A
Digital Humanities: Humanities Research in the Digital Age Open University How the digital transformation of our cultural heritage and our daily lives is changing the way humanities scholars conduct their research and share it with the world Self-paced Free N/A
Introduction to Digital Humanities Taylor Institution Library, Oxford Covers basic principles of how to model Humanities material as data, and how to produce visualisations using some popular free DH tools. Course participants are invited to submit the data they create to a collaborative project. Self-paced Free N/A
Digital Humanities Summer Institute University of Victoria General: surveillance and critical DH; mapping; music research; network analysis; open research; knowledge mobility; decolonisation; 3D; deep learning; text analysis + NLP; digital storytelling; community, teaching etc 12-16 June $50, $100 after 1 April 5 June 2023
Introducing Mapping, Spatial Data and GIS University of Oxford Investigate the power of maps and spatial data to document and illustrate local and global issues, applying GIS principles and tools 19 April-30 June £324 Not given
Text Analytics with Python University of Canterbury – edX Introducing natural language processing, machine learning for text analytics, visualisation, topic models, ethical foundations Self-paced £371 N/A
Name Description URL
Linked data Linked data: guides and tutorials
Data Carpentry Data Carpentry Courses
DH 101 from UCLA Introduction and tutorials on different approaches


Name Description URL
Computer Hope Dictionary – Programming Dictionary with descriptions of the function and origins of most programming languages
W3Schools Online Tutorials Online tutorials in a range of programming languages, as well as data analysis
The Programming Historian Collection of peer-reviewed lessons on DH approaches, in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese
Name Description URL
Python for Beginners Introduction to the Python language
Free Code Camp Machine learning with Python
PerceptiLabs Machine learning visual modelling tool 
Name Description URL
Tutorials Point Tutorials in R, with a specific focus on statistical programming
R Squared Academy A comprehensive introduction to working with databases using R
R Studio Software and guidance for working with databases in R
MainaRd Blog post on database connections in R
Name Description URL
RegEx Testing Tester/debugger for regular expressions
Robert Elder Software Guide to regular expressions


Name Description URL
Standardization Survival Kit Online tool to support researchers in selecting and using appropriate standards for their disciplines and workflows
PROV Standards for the interchange of provenance information, including activities and people involved in creating something
DH Curation Guide A community resource guide to data curation in the digital humanities

Manuscripts and Print

Name Description URL
Stanford Global Currents Using visual language processing to study manuscripts and print textual heritage

Mapping and Geographical Data

Name Description URL


Data mapping application, available to UoR researchers via AppsAnywhere


An open source mapping package based on javascript

Harvard WorldMap on ArcGIS Online

Online GIS mapping
Edinburgh Geoparser Automatically recognise and disambiguate place names
Recogito Semantic Annotation of texts and images
QGIS Open Source Geographic Information System 
Name Description URL
Pelagios Commons online resources and community for using open data methods to link and explore historical places
Peripleo Search engine of annotated online geographical resources
Name Description URL
Early Modern Map of London Early Modern Map of London
Mapping the Great Lakes Project Mapping the Great Lakes Project
Great Britain Historical Geographical Information System Great Britain Historical Geographical Information System
Vision of Britain Vision of Britain
Troubled Geographies A Spatial History of Religion and Society in Ireland
Creating a Chronotopic Ground for the Mapping of Literary Texts Innovative Data Visualisation and Spatial Interpretation in the Digital Medium
Stuz’uminus Storied Places Digital Atlas Stuz’uminus Storied Places Digital Atlas
Mapping A Colony Mapping A Colony
Heritage Maps Dublin Heritage Maps Dublin
Virtual Rome Digital model of Ancient Rome

Databases and Linked Data

Name Description URL
Drupal Open Source Content Management software
CKAN Content management tool for open data
Paget Framework for building linked data applications
Publish my Data Linked Data Publishing Platform with API, SPARQL and visualisations
Tabulator Linked Data Browser
OpenRefine Open Source software for messy data
The DataVerse Project Open source research data repository software
Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network Open source data management system for powering data hubs and data portals
Name Description URL
nodegoat – What is a Relational Database? Explanation of relational databases using humanities data as examples and with reference to analogue data collection history
Relational Databases Reference List A short list of guides and reference websites, curated by the University of Alabama
Introduction to Linked Data PowerPoint introduction to linked data, from the European Commission Open Data Support PDF available here
OpenRefine Open source software for working with messy data
Name Description URL
The Greek Revolution of 1821 Digital Archive
Digital Panopticon Tracing London Convicts in Britain and Australia, 1780-1925
Name Description URL
Ontologies for Digital Humanities Ontologies for Digital Humanities
The Music Ontology The Music Ontology
Audio Features Ontology Specification Audio Features Ontology Specification
Name Description URL
Programming Historian Using SPARQL to access Linked Open Data

Textual Analysis

Name Description URL
TEI Text Encoding Initiative
AntConc A corpus analysis system to work with very large corpora
CQPWeb A corpus analysis system to work with very large corpora
Wmatrix Corpus analysis and comparison tool
#LancsBox System for Analysis of language data and corpora – work with your own data or existing corpora
Sketch Engine tool to explore corpora, text analysis and text mining. Free access for universities for non-commercial use.
Recogito Semantic Annotation of texts and images
Name Description URL
Stanford Literary Lab Research collective applying computational criticism to literature.
Text Mining the Novel Text mining approach to studying the novel
Poem Viewer Visualizing poetry
Hathi Trust Library of digitised texts
Text Encoding Intiative Text Encoding Intiative
Name Description URL
Olbion, Exeter Digital Annotated Edition of Poly
I.Sicily Sicilian Classical Inscriptions
Quill Project Reconstructing and visualisaing the drafting of the US constitution

Arts, Performance, and Built Environment Research

Name Description URL
Mood Conductor A system that allows audience members to interact with performers during musical improvisations.
FAST Project Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption
Centre for Digital Built Britain Research centre working with government and industry to understand the benefits of digital approaches to built environment
eDance Research paper on eDance, a project including research in choreography, videoconferencing and human–computer interaction analysis, hypermedia and nonlinear annotations for recording and documentation
Visualising Voice Project Research project examining the effect of a performer’s voice on experience of poetry, drawing on Europeana archive of spoken performance
Criminal Tattoos Analysing patterns in tattoos among 19th century convicts, through data mining and visualisation

Network Analysis

Name Description URL
Dramavis Python program for network analysis of dramatic texts and visualisations
Gephi Visualisations and networks
Name Description URL
A Short Manual to the Art of Prosopography A Short Manual to the Art of Prosopography
Directory of Prosopographical Research Directory of Prosopographical Research
Historical Network Research Historical Network Research
Name Description URL
Six Degrees of Francis Bacon Six Degrees of Francis Bacon
Linked Modernisms Linked Modernisms
Mapping Manuscript Migration Mapping Manuscript Migration
Mapping the Republic of Letters Mapping the Republic of Letters
Digital Panopticon Tracing London Convicts in Britain and Australia, 1780-1925
Name Description URL
People of Medieval Scotland People of Medieval Scotland
Jaina-Prosopography Monastic Lineages, Networks and Patronage
Prosopographical Database for Indic Texts Prosopographical Database for Indic Texts
China Biographical Database Project China Biographical Database Project
Austrian Prosopographical information System Austrian Prosopographical information System
Prosopography of the Byzantine World Prosopography of the Byzantine World
Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England