Digital Humanities Hub, University of Reading Library

The Digital Humanities (DH) Hub is a cross-service team, which drives research innovation by providing sustainable support for DH projects.

The DH Hub was established as part of a wider initiative to drive research innovation, promote ambition and encourage experimentation in the University’s Heritage & Creativity theme. More about the DH Project at UoR

It works alongside the DH Community of Practice in supporting researchers to build knowledge and skills in DH, to develop and undertake DH research projects, and to maintain digital research outcomes. More about Research Support

DH projects are those which use digital methods to address humanities research questions or which use critical traditions in humanities research to address digital technologies. More about DH

The University of Reading is home to a range of approaches in DH, including corpus analysis, geospatial mapping and 3D reconstruction. See our DH Case Studies

Filmmaker Stephen Dwoskin at work
Filmmaker Stephen Dwoskin at Work. Photograph from the Dwoskin Archive at the University of Reading Special Collections, digitised as part of the AHRC-funded project The Legacies of Stephen Dwoskin’s Personal Cinema
3D-printed replicas of ancient Cypriot figurines. The display reads '#TheVotives'
‘The Votives’, 3D-printed replicas of ancient Cypriot figurines held in the Ure Museum
Image of a 3D reconstruction of the Roman emperor Augustus' temple to Mars Ultor
3D reconstruction of the Roman emperor Augustus’ temple to Mars Ultor, created as part of the Virtual Rome project