The University of Reading’s Institute of Education continues to make great progress in the filming of their ‘Big Questions’ research video series. In the series, each research-active staff member answers one ‘big question’ that the wider society will find interesting, and they do so though making connections to their own research passion and projects. This month, three additional colleagues have just been filmed and their details can be found below. We look forward to sharing their videos with you in due course!

The ‘big question’ for Dr. Maria Danos (Lecturer in Early Childhood Education and Care) is ‘How can we encourage parents to be more involved in their children’s education?’


The ‘big question’ for Dr. Holly Joseph (Associate Professor of Language Education and Literacy Development) is ‘How can reading help children to build their vocabularies?’


The ‘big question’ for Dr. Billy Wong (Lecturer in Widening Participation) is ‘What does it mean to be an ideal university student?’