An article by Dr. Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai (Lecturer in Primary Mathematics Education) has recently been published in the Times Educational Supplement (TES).

The article, titled ‘How picture books help maths teaching’, sets out to convince teachers of older primary school pupils to teach mathematics using story picture books. Dr. Trakulphadetkrai comments that: “I have been arguing – and will continue to argue – that teaching mathematics using story picture books could also benefit mathematics learning of older pupils. Specifically, I would argue that the use of mathematical story picture books could foster pupils’ conceptual understanding through multi-representation of mathematical concepts and variation of mathematical situations. The approach could also help to develop language skills, and foster engagement with mathematics learning.”

To learn more about Dr. Trakulphadetkrai’s research interests, visit his profile page here and his project’s website here.

The article can be accessed here. (TES subscription is required)