Acknowledgment: Thanks, Dr. Karen Jones, for her contribution on this news item.


Friday 19th July 2019 was a special day for our postgraduate research community as we celebrated the academic success of eleven very talented doctoral students here at the University of Reading’s Institute of Education (IoE).  Specifically, we would like to congratulate five of our PhD students (Dr. Yousif Alanezi, Dr. Muna Al-Siyabi, Dr. Fang-I Chu, Dr. Oguzhan Hazir and Dr. Husain Almalki), and six of our EdD students (Dr. Sonia Hood, Dr. Steve Mvalo, Dr. Matthew Pawson, Dr. Rachel Roberts, Dr. Stephen Rutherford and Dr. Hayley Sae Kang), who have now officially graduated and are on their way to make important and impactful contribution to the field of education around the world.

At the celebratory event before the graduation ceremony, doctoral supervisors got a chance to congratulate some of their doctoral students in person and to meet their friends and family members.

Below are what some of these doctoral students said about their experience conducting research at the IoE.

Dr. Husain Almalki, who graduated with a PhD supervised by Dr. Karen Jones and Professor Alan Floyd, said:

“Studying a PhD at the University of Reading was a wonderful journey that has positively affected both my academic and professional life. I have had many new experiences. Also, I have gained knowledge and learned extensive research and academic skills such as critical thinking, critical reading and writing.”

Dr. Steve Mvalo who graduated with an EdD supervised by Dr. Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai and Dr. Yota Dimitriadi, said:

“I would like to extend my special gratitude to my two supervisors, Dr. Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai and Dr. Yota Dimitriadi, for their wondeful support. These supervisors have been instrumental to the success of my doctorate. There were times that I felt giving up but their emotional and academic support lifted me up. I have had constructive and thought-provoking feedback which have massively shaped my way of thinking. I do not regret at all having done my doctorate studies with the IoE. I feel proud and honoured to be one of the graduates.”

Dr. Steve Mvalo and his EdD supervisor, Dr. Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai


The IoE is currently supervising a total of 63 PhD students and 80 EdD students. (The EdD is a professional doctoral degree in education, with students from around the world who are all working professionals in a field of education.)

Deputy Directors of the EdD programme, Dr. Karen Jones and Dr. Fiona Curtis, with some of the graduates from the EdD programme.


Titles of PhD theses of IoE students graduated at the Summer 2019 ceremony

Dr. Yousif Alanezi – ‘Key Stakeholders’ perceptions of the effectiveness of a Higher Education Programme in State of Kuwait’

Dr. Muna Al-Siyabi – ‘Mobile learning in Oman: A case study of two private schools’

Dr. Fang-I Chu – ‘English learning motivation in a Taiwanese university context: A study of its dynamic nature from socio-dynamic perspectives’

Dr. Oguzhan Hazir – ‘Implementing school based teacher training: The case study of Departments of Education for intellectually disabled students in Turkey’

Dr. Husain Almalki – ‘A study of school principals’ perceptions of proposed educational reform to a model of school autonomy in Saudi Arabia’


Titles of EdD theses of IoE students graduated at the Summer 2019 ceremony

Dr. Sonia Hood – ‘I believe I can write: Exploring the impact of writing workshops on self-efficacy for foundation degree students’

Dr. Steve Mvalo – ‘Developing Computer Network students’ computational thinking: The case for the use of simulation software’

Dr. Matthew Pawson – ‘Perceptions on the effectiveness of teacher appraisal: A case study of two state-funded academies’

Dr. Rachel Roberts – ‘Critical conversations: The role of evaluative language in mentor meetings in Initial Teacher Training’

Dr. Stephen Rutherford – ‘Flying the nest: An analysis of the development of self-regulated learning during the transition to Higher Education’

Dr. Hayley Sae Kang – ‘Exploring the role of the Learning Support Assistant: A case study of an English Special School’