Four research projects by academics at the Institute of Education (IoE) are featured in a new 23-page brochure which sets out to tell various stories about staff and students at the Institute.

In the brochure, Prof. Carol Fuller (Professor of Sociology of Education) highlights her on-ongoing research-based projects, called Marvellous Mums and Marvellous Me, which set out to boost the self-confidence of women living in the local area. For Prof. Helen Bilton (Professor of Outdoor Learning), she shares her research passion in outdoor learning, while Dr. Holly Joseph (Associate Professor of Language Education and Literacy Development) talks about her on-going research concerning language development of children with English as their additional language and those with Dyslexia. Finally, Dr. Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai (Lecturer in Primary Mathematics Education) explains his research project, called, which aims to showcase pedagogical benefits of enhancing the teaching of mathematics through storytelling to teachers and parents globally.

Many thanks to Dot Scott and Vishani Perera, our colleagues in the University’s Marketing team, for producing this brochure.

To learn more about these research projects and to read the rest of the brochure, click here.