An article, titled ‘Developing deeper thinking in Key Stage 2 mathematics’, by Nasreen Majid (Lecturer in Primary Mathematics, University of Reading) and Dr. Renata Bobik- Dawes (Mathematics Specialist at St. Joseph’s College, Reading) is published in the latest issue of the Primary Mathematics journal, one of the key journals of the UK’s Mathematical Association that aims at practitioners.

Drawing from the report about metacognition and self-regulation from the Education Endowment Foundation, Renata and Nasreen used mathematical journals as a vehicle to develop deeper mathematical thinking with a group of Year 5 and 6 pupils.

This short study’s initial findings are promising and show that pupils do make gains in their mathematical understanding if they are trained to evaluate their mathematical learning, on a weekly basis, through the use of mathematical journals. As mathematics can be viewed as a subject that is challenging and some pupils develop a deep anxiety around it, it is hoped that this approach of using mathematical journals which allows pupils to reflect on and self-regulate their mathematical thinking will go towards encouraging students to be more confident and independent learners of mathematics.

Renata and Nasreen are developing this work further by looking into further opportunities to expand the scope of their research and hope to study the subject further and in more detail.