A new book titled ‘Martial Arts and Well-being: Connecting communities and promoting health’, co-authored by Prof. Carol Fuller (Professor of Sociology of Education, University of Reading), has recently been published by Routledge.

Drawing on data from over 500 people across all age ranges, the book explores “how martial arts as a source of learning can contribute in important ways to health and well-being, as well as provide other broader social benefits. Using psychological and sociological theory related to behaviour, ritual, perception and reality construction, the book seeks to illustrate, with empirical data, how individuals make sense of and perceive the value of martial arts in their lives.”

Prof. Fuller co-authored this book with Viki Lloyd, the director of the Reading Acupuncture Clinic.

The Open Access book can be downloaded free of charge from the Routledge website here.

To learn more about Prof. Fuller’s research interests, visit her profile page here.