A new guidance report by the UK’s Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), an independent charity sets out to improve the educational attainment of the poorest pupils in English schools, recommends www.MathsThroughStories.org as a go-to resource for teachers looking for ideas on how to enhance their mathematics teaching through storytelling.


Dr. Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai (founder of MathsThroughStories.org and Lecturer in Primary Mathematics Education, University of Reading) commented that:

“It is wonderful to see a guidance report by an influential organisation like the EEF explicitly recommends teachers to enhance their mathematics teaching using storytelling. As a cherry on top, it is humbling to see the report highlights my MathsThroughStories.org initiative as a go-to resource for teachers.” 

The full report can be accessed here.


MathsThroughStories.org, a non-profit initiative, sets out to encourage teachers and parents globally to enhance their maths teaching through storytelling. The website provides free on-line resources including the world’s largest database of recommendations for maths stories, 100+ reviews of maths story picture books, exclusive interviews with maths story authors, blog posts, and a list of recommended research articles and articles written for practitioners. The website also provides free story-inspired maths lesson ideas as contributed by teachers from different countries. Last year, MathsThroughStories.org launched the world’s first international maths story writing competition, receiving over 200 entries from children in several countries. Since its launched in 2017, the website has been viewed over 390,000 times by more than 84,000 teachers and parents from over 190 countries.

Through Dr. Trakulphadetkrai, the initiative also collaborates with academics in different countries to work on original empirical research projects relating to the use of storytelling in maths teaching. To date, the initiative also provides CPD training to around 600 in-service teachers at schools and 2,000+ teacher trainees at 30+ universities throughout the UK.