The University of Reading’s Institute of Education has a vibrant and inclusive research community and we regularly invite members of our community (both staff and doctoral students) to share their research as part of our lunchtime research seminar series. On Thursday 6 February 2020, we were pleased to hear research updates from our staff member and doctoral student.

Sally Tipper (a 4th-year EdD student) gave a talk, titled ‘Investigating language and images used in the context of STEM teaching and recruitment initiatives, in relation to gender’. Through her planned analysis of images, video and survey data, she aims to highlight the importance of gender neutrality in the language and images used in relation to STEM and make recommendations as to how language and images can be used to encourage more girls into STEM subjects.  Sally’s supervisors are Carol Fuller and Holly Joseph.

In his talk, titled ‘Exploring notions of good academic leadership in challenging times’,  Prof. Alan Floyd (Professor of Education) drew on data from a number of his previous projects that have explored flexible ‘distributed’ and ‘collaborative’ models of leadership in higher education, crucially focusing on data from both leaders and the led, to explore academics’ expressed notions of ‘good’ academic leadership in times of change and challenge.


The event was very well attended by both research staff and doctoral students at the Institute. Details of the Institute’s future lunchtime research seminars can be found below.