Prof. Rebecca Harris (Professor of History Education, University of Reading) serves as co-editor of the recent Special Issue of Research Intelligence, which is a quarterly magazine published by the British Educational Research Association (BERA).

Released in Spring 2020, this Special Issue focuses on the decolonising the curriculum movement, and is described as showcasing “the ways in which today’s educators and academics are detecting and exposing the competing ideological and political motives behind curriculum design. While a number of articles focus on the national curriculum in England – and on history in particular – the collection also draws on a diverse array of fascinating perspectives, on issues including monocultural nationalism and the colonial habitus, from Nigeria, Thailand, Russia and Canada as well as the UK.”

Upon the publication of this Special Issue, Prof. Harris comments that:

“A focus on curriculum is crucial in any discussion around education. The messages, both explicit and implicit, about what is deemed (un)worthy of study sends out very powerful messages to those we educate. Debates around decolonising the curriculum have been around for several decades, so in some ways it is concerning that we are still having to raise such issues but hopefully those involved in policy making and curriculum planning and enactment are increasingly aware of the need to diversify and decolonise what is taught, as this benefits all in society.”

To access the full issue for free, click here.

To learn more about Prof. Rebecca’s research interests, visit her profile page here. She tweets at @Dr_RJHarris.