Research by Suzy Tutchell (Lecturer in Art and Design in Education, University of Reading) forms part of a new book, titled ‘Celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Voices’. In Suzy’s section, the focus is on ‘The Herstory of Art’ in relation to the empowerment of the female artist teacher and the use of contemporary female-made art in the primary art classroom.

Suzy’s research which underpins her contribution in this publication is about the ingrained gender imbalance and continued pattern of a patriarchal system in the world of art education. Ongoing research includes a qualitative study carried out with a small number of university art students who, as young women, are agents of their public selves not just as young feminists but also as female artists. Their engagement to create new kinds of politics related to the female artist in a still male-dominated art world offers new meanings of participation in art and in education.

This publication is an interdisciplinary collaboration involving staff and students from eight Schools and Departments and two local charities, celebrating 100 years of women’s voices. All collaborated in respect of the School of Law’s celebration of the centenary of the Sex Disqualification (removal) Act 1919. The book presents material from a staff/student play, a symposium, and art exhibition, a poetry competition and it memorialises women’s long struggle to win equality. More details on the overall project can be found here.

To learn more about this book and how to get it, please contact Elizabeth Conaghan ( Proceedings from this publication will go towards supporting local women’s charities in need, namely Alana House and ‘Women in Prison’.

To learn more about Suzy’s research interests, visit her profile page here. Suzy tweets at @SuzyTutchell.