Dr. Karen Jones (Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Management, University of Reading) announces the launch of a new book ‘Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Education’, edited by her and published by SAGE.

Dr. Jones said “When this book was commissioned by SAGE, I recognised that it was a fantastic opportunity to bring colleagues together to draw on the considerable expertise we have at the Institute of Education and more widely the University of Reading. I would like to thank the ten colleagues who worked with me over the past year to make this book possible.”

The book is suitable for anyone working with or aspiring to work with children and young people in education. Each chapter is written by subject experts, so provides a unique insight into different aspect of gender stereotyping.

This book helps the reader to develop knowledge of how and when gender stereotypes form. It explores the experience of transgender children and young people, and the intersection between gender, social background and ethnicity. Several chapters are dedicated to how gender stereotypes can be perpetuated in various ways during a child’s education. Topics explored include dyslexia, and subject choice and career decisions. Specific curriculum and subject areas include early years and play, primary and secondary mathematics learning, the national history curriculum, and computing. The book also includes chapters on important issues such as sexism,  gender stereotyping, sexual harassment and sexual violence in primary and secondary schools, along with best practice for working with parents, communities, colleagues and school leaders to tackle gender stereotypes.

Each chapter provides research informed pragmatic solutions to improve practice and transform the school or learning environment, so the book is particularly suited to trainee teachers and education students. It fills a gap in knowledge, identified in research, for teachers and education practitioners, and supports people working or aspiring to work in education to challenge these stereotypes, helping them to tackle the problem.

The book is written by the following staff from the Institute of Education: Karen Jones (Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Management); Carol Fuller (Professor of Sociology of Education); Maria Kambouri-Danos, Associate Professor of Early Years Childhood Education and Care; Nasreen Majid (Lecturer in Primary Mathematics Education); Catherine Foley (Associate Professor of Mathematics Education); Rebecca Harris (Professor of Education); Yota Dimitriadi (Associate Professor specialising in TEL and Computer Science); Anna Tsakalaki (Lecturer in Education specialising in Special Educational Needs); Cecilia Muldoon (a PhD student specialising in stigma in social class, gender and educational practice); Meilun Yan (a PhD Education student) and Marina Della Giusta (Professor in Economics in the School of Politics, Economics and International Relations) at the University of Reading.