Prof. Rhona Stainthorp (Professor of Education, University of Reading) has recently published two research papers. In her article, titled A national intervention in teaching phonics: A case study from England published in The Educational and Developmental Psychologist journal, ProfStainthorp highlights that gives a historical overview of the various attempts to improve literacy teaching in England starting with the National Literacy Strategy’s ‘The Searchlights Model’ at the turn of the 21st century. .

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In her other article, titled ‘How psychology helps us to understand word reading’  published in the Education 3-13 journal, Prof. Stainthorp highlights that presents an overview of evidence from psychological research, which enables us to “understand the processes involved in word reading, how children develop word reading skills and how to teach them to read words successfully”.

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Stainthorp, R. (2020). A national intervention in teaching phonics: A case study from EnglandThe Educational and Developmental Psychologist, 37(2), 114-122.

Stainthorp, R. (2020). How psychology helps us to understand word reading. Education 3-13.