In the Autumn 2020 term alone, there have already been several doctoral graduation successes here at the University of Reading’s Institute of Education (IoE). On behalf of the IoE’s PhD programme and EdD programme, we would like to congratulate our graduates below who, no doubt, will go on to create impact in the field of education here in the UK and abroad. Many congratulations also to their supervisors!



Dr. Ismail Karaoz – Affordances of digital technologies for autonomous language learning: A Q-methodological research (First supervisor: Dr. Geoff Taggart; Second supervisor: Dr. Billy Wong)

Dr. Nezha Badi – Comprehension performance and self-efficacy perceptions among Algerian University students (First supervisor: Prof. Suzanne Graham; Second supervisor: Dr. Anna Tsakalaki)

Dr. Patricia Day-Hookoomsing – The role of English in an emerging economy: the case of the ICT-BPO sector in Mauritius (First supervisor: Prof. Alan Floyd; Second supervisor: Prof. Jeanine Treffers-Daller)

Dr. Wafa Saad S Alshamrani – An investigation into the effectiveness of the leadership development of female headteachers working in girls’ state secondary schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (First supervisor: Dr. Chris Turner; Second supervisor: Dr. Nasreen Majid)



Dr. Julie Cracknell – Early career teachers’ reflections of teaching in an age of performativity (First supervisor: Prof. Richard Harris; Second supervisor: Dr. Rachel Roberts)

Dr. Julie (‘Beth’) Richards-Bray – What impact does pre-sojourn preparation have on host-culture adjustment for sojourning students? A case-study of a SINO-UK Joint Programme (First supervisor: Dr. Daguo Li; Second supervisor: Prof. Alan Floyd)

Dr. Zabin Visram – A pluralistic approach to multicultural group work (First supervisor: Prof. Helen Bilton; Second supervisor: Prof. Suzanne Graham)